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Teddy Thunder

At least Geoge Bush Jr is doing his best and we should all support him during this crisis.


Yes, that's what made this the great country it is - mindless support for leaders whose best isn't good enough.


What is happening to America?
The conservative's brand of compassion. They conserve their compassion for those they deem worthy of it. "The elite, the haves and the have mores".
Everyone else move to the rear of the bus.
McCarthyism and racism have returned full steam ahead.

Matthew C. Aycock

Wanda makes me laugh. I only wish I could hear the level of sarcasm in her voice when she said those words outloud.

Yes, Teddy, I agree. Our President is doing his best, and I think he will help the people. He cares.

Kathy, we aren't asking for mindless support of our leaders. What we push for is support in the good times and the bad times.

The problem with the bulk of the liberals is that they can't seem to remember what happened yesterday. They always want to blindly follow the advice of a popular actor or actress who is far more qualified than a President....


Kathy, we aren't asking for mindless support of our leaders. What we push for is support in the good times and the bad times.

I'd be all for that if the "bad times" weren't the fault of the president. He does not deserve our support. He is a threat to both our national and domestic security and should be held accountable at the ballot box. I can only hope that in '06 his party will be swept from power in both houses of Congress and allow for at least some oversight of the executive branch.

Matthew C. Aycock

eRobin, he apologized and is trying to fix the problem. What more do you want? Suicide?


I think we want more than empty words and gestures I want to see action. Not the same rich people telling poor people "we care way up here".

Matthew C. Aycock

$61 Billion approved and another 200+ requested doesn't equal action? You seem to be the type that can find anything to complain about.

Bush said that he failed in his response time and apologized for it. Since then, no one has pointed to one specific instance where he has dropped the ball on this. Unless you can, then I suggest you join in the effort to help the displaced families that can use you. Then again, complaining about what IS being done is probably more efficient from your perspective...


Matthew - Stop suggesting that those criticizing Bush aren't doing anything to help the people affected by Katrina. It's a silly assumption with no basis in reality and undermines your other comments.

As for suddenly saying all is well, no way. Not when Bush suspended the Bacon-Davis Act, allowing contractors to pay less than the prevailing wage for the people they hire to rebuild. For laborers, that means a poverty wage. So I'd say that's a dropped ball. And now he's considering doing the same for those working in the service industry.

It looks like Bush put Rove in charge. That's another dropped ball.

No-bid contracts to Halliburton to rebuild the Navy properties? Another dropped ball.

It's not all wine and rosses so it's time to take the rose-tinted glasses off.

Matthew C. Aycock

I honestly believe that I could have had you create your very own plan Kathy. Then, if the President had of enacted 100% of it without changes, you would still find something to complain about.

Before, you indicated that you wanted an apology and some action. Now that you have this, you are back to fighting the cause again. Do you want New Orleans to be rebuilt or not? Remember, what Bush is doing now is really more of a liberal move, not one that his hardcore conservative base really supports.

Maybe it's because I am in a bad mood, or I wanted to highlight your inability to spell as well (considering you thought it a good move to challenge mine), you should spell "rosses" with one less "s" next time. Maybe we both need dictionaries!


Matthew - I can understand why you're in a bad mood. Lots of Pubs are nervous that Bush is handing out money hand over fist.

And I'm glad he "took responsibility". But that's nto the same as an apology. And I'm glad there's action - but putting Rove in charge is making the same mistake twice. He's choosing someone with no experience in the task at hand. But then again, if his concern is political, then he's chosen the right guy, right? Maybe I'd cut him more of a break if the DOJ weren't inquiring about environmental groups that blocked levee construction. Or other Pubs weren't madly searching for the one rich guy who lost it all in Katrina and can now serve as the poster boy for ending the estate tax. Maybe I'd be more supportive if the Congressional panel to investigate the gov't response were bipartisan. Maybe I'd be more supportive if one of the first things Bush did was to act in the interest of the poor instead of picking their pockets to pay for the reconstruction by suspending Bacon-Davis.

Bush took responsibility. Good. I didn't slam him for the way he did it. But as for taking action - I'm glad things are getting better but let's not pretend it's all under control or that Bush has suddenly turned into the white night of the survivors. I credit the political pressure for what action he's taken - and acknowledge that he's moved by the damage and trauma he's seen. No doubt he's disappointed in his team and he's telling them to get it right. But it's not enough. And Karl Rove in charge? Please. It says that politics are still paramount over people.

So if I were you, I'd be in a bad mood too. As for the misspellings, it's my blog and I'll spell how I want. You're welcome to misspell all you want, too. Because the spelling isn't the point, is it?

Matthew C. Aycock

The misspellings should not be the point, but you were the one that insisted on me attaining a dictionary. I thought it might be fun to point out that you aren't as great of a writer either when dealing with a blog (this should be expected).

Karl Rove is necessary for the equation. He is good at shifting public opinion, and that too is necessary at this point. Will he be designing the reconstruction efforts? No. He is not going to replace the engineers and scientists.

What you are going to see is a project very similar to an FDR plan. While they do get jobs in the hands of people on the quick, they can be very dangerous for the economy long term. I worry about Bush's choices here, but I do trust his judgment.

What scares me more is the possibility of a liberal shift in government AFTER his term. That could result in catastrophic spending and governmental growth. I don't like big government, and I fear that we may be coming to a time where we see it.


First I want to tell you is that I am not an American, but I always stand by the side of the President Bush to fight the freedom of the people around the world. You have no idea how fear and worst living under the dictators and non democrat nations. Mr Bush is promoting the freedom struggle of people around the world. We under the value of freedom more than the Americal who are living in the land of democracy.But the American people have to under what happen if you loose your freedom. Amerian freedom have been tested by 9/11. We mourned along with the American people at that time. That is your first feeling when the evil force have attacked but we who live under the fear of dictators have been attacked every day. The evil forces in Iraq are very afraid to have the Iraq people getting freedom and to build up the democracy world. They do not want to see this so disturb and promote fear as much as they can by killing innocent people every day as you have seen on the TV New programs. But as an outsider and freedom lover I want to suggest to all american and the rest of the people to support Mr. President George Bush to stand by his side to fight again this dark evil forces. If you do not do this the dark evil forces would be at your door step one day. These dark forces have no respect of any thing all they want to do is hijacking the religion and use as a tool to divide among their own people. This one happened is the lack of education. These dark evil forces have to be educated first by telling them you are human being if you want to pursue your own life style practice amoung your self do not imporse on someone. You have right to belive what you want and we are right to believe what we want. Believe is a mind based which everyone have to keep in their mind not outside their mind. Tell them in America people can believe what they want but they do not force another people what to believe. In America there are lot of religious or faith institution that is the fundamental of right and we practice here. Do not put a nationality or the religion or faith or believe to yourselves we are all human being and we have to help each other regardless or origin or believe or faith. The important thing is to lead a peaceful life. What is peaceful life? The answer is simple we want to expression freedom of speech without violation. We want to raise a family. We wants to educate our childrens. We want to have a job. We want to have a decent income. We want to have a good health. We want to have a good environment without polluing the earth. We want to save this earth by using renewal energy. We want to have a clean earth so that the future generation can live well with good health and good environment. We want to find a solution to find an energy from solar, wind and water and biofuels. Do not make different between you or me. We are all same one day you come and one day you go. Nobody own his house, his land or his country. We believe all religious taught us to help each other not to kill each other. Let us join our hand in hand and forget your race such as white, black, brown or coloured. Let us believe or faith in our heart not to take outside of our body. Let us try to understand each other culture. Let us respect each other culture by promoting in peaceful means. Let us join hand in hand to promote peace and love on another. Let us save this earth with polluting it. Let us have an understanding one another.That all I would like to say. Have a nice day and nice future.


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