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Matthew C. Aycock

The reaction gave me a different take. One of simple lack of concern. I didn't take the reaction as whining at all.

I will agree, however, that if there were elements of whining you would be correct in that it would trigger a negative voter response to us. Fortunately, I don't think this is what is being perceived.

In order to win the next election, the opposing to us will need to be someone like Clark. I would be worried about a loss if he were put into candidacy.

Fortunately, the Democratic party is run by a complete political moron (Dean is super smart in other fields I concede), who will likely put a very weak Hillary Clinton on the front lines. If legal, I would put better odds on Arnold.

All we have to do to win the next election is get Rudy to run with someone like Rice or McCain. Not even Karl Rove switching sides would make me nervous on that ticket.

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