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To gain attention and get into the papers. These people are all martyrs anyways, so we get that framing along with the framing of what's now the well-known version of what they're definition of "life" is. Throw in a little Goebbles strategy of repeating a point until it "becomes" "fact", and wah-lah.


When Terri Schaivo was dying the protestors put red tape on their mouths to protest not giving her food and water even though she was incapable of taking sustenance by mouth. Apparently the abortion protestors liked the imagery and adopted it. I guess we'll be seeing a lot more red tape now.


I have wondered the same thing. I saw them at the Schiavo hospice, and it didn't make sense to me since she couldn't take water or food by mouth anyway? I assumed it was because she was silent, but they were not forcing her to. I thought it just made them stupid, and it kept their lunitic crowd quiet, thus I fully support their decision to wear more tape in the future. But let me know if you get any real answer to what the hell the tape means.


The tape represents the silent cries of the unborn children. God hears our silent prayers as we stand before the Supreme Court, and as we stand before His higher Court. You may not agree with my point of view, however www.bound4life.com may interest you.

Bud Davis

I think Bound for life is great! Its about time christians took a stand at what we believe in.
Bud Davis from www.kidsonamission4god.com


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