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This is a good post. I would like to brief it for Opinion source. Unfortunately I can find neither your full name, e-mail, or a short bio on your site. Maybe I am not looking in the right place. If you can send me that in the next 15 minutes, that would be great. otherwise, maybe I'll summarize this for tomorrow's newsletters. Thanks.


Certainly the current justification for war - the spread of democracy - wasn't put on the table. The argument made by President Bush for going to war can be found in October 2002 speech to the nation, made in support of a Congressional authorization to use force, and this March 2003 speech to the nation announcing that war had begun.

I had fogotten about that.


Have you been reading Smintheus at dKos? He's posting some media contact addresses every day or so. CBS, ABC, Newshour ... so we can write letters encouraging coverage of the DSM story.


The questions should be answered by bush! The article says the media was partly at fault for not looking deeply enough into the bush adm.s policies for going to war. I could not understand why the media was so supportive of the bush admin. for letting them ride along with the military in only the places and situations encoraged buy the admin. That was like a tour arraighed by Saddam Husein. It never made any sense!

Fred Fry

Is it me or is there no authentic copy of this memo anywhere?


Fred - I think it's you. Neither Blair nor Bush have challenged the authenticity of the memo itself. The debate here isn't on the existence or legitimacy of the memo. It's on the interpretation of the contents.


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