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"The bottom line is that the political blogosphere doesn't need reform. It needs time to mature."

I'll half agree with you on this one. I think maybe it's time that blogs are segregated further into corners of "honesty" and "dishonesty." Bloggers like JMM don't need to reform, but bloggers Glenn Reynolds and the morons who run Power Line are in serious need of reform because they constantly misrepresent the facts. And honestly, I can see where members of the MSM are pissed off at their actions. I do wish that the MSM would limit their criticism to them and not apply it to all blogs, but the Reynold's and Hewitt's of the world place egg on all of our faces.

However, the MSM could fix this simply by paying less attention to these jackasses on the right. Kos and Atrios get more hits than them anyways, so why aren't they quoted in the media more often?

As for the anyone from the MSM criticizing blogs, they don't have the right to until they get their house in order. Maybe I'll listen to them when they stop hyping Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, runaway brides; and if they start calling the right on their lies instead of simply quoting them, I might start listening to their criticism of blogs. Maybe. But as far as I'm concerned, balanced media doesn't mean placing any lie a Republican says in print, uncontested, just because they said it. Their going to need to set some standards for themselves.


And the blogs most in need of reform, have an interest in staying suspect. The radical Right has found a way to use blogs that fits perfectly in their noise machine. The very lack of legitimacy makes them the perfect addition to the corporate media chain, which they've been working to discredit for at least a decade. And, when they want the blogs to appear legit so that something can bubble up out of them, as they did with the (I believe) planted 60 Minutes memos, they just start the conveyer belt in motion. Blog - radio - cable tv - "legitimate" media.


Blogs are the ultimate example of free speech. Bloggers don't need to be corralled, or reformed. Yes, there are fools who will believe anything they read. But those are few and far between.
While collectively we may have some small amount of impact, we are not the media. We are part of a unique form of communication. We can police ourselves. Bloggers who write tripe, for the most part will not be read. Eventually fading into the background. Let them rant on.
The media/press need to understand, we don't want their jobs. We simply want them to do their jobs better. It isn't bloggers they need to hold accountable. It is themselves.

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