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michael in chicago

I think you let them off soft. If a person can't pronounce cloture and doesn't under stand that it's not the part of a woman that turns her on, then I think they have no credibility stating an opinion on senate rules of filibuster. If a person thinks Harry Reid is a communist, but can't tell you what state he's from or who their own damn senator is, then they should just shut the fuck up. And finally, if a person thinks the NY Times, the WaPo, the LA Times, and every other Pulitzer prize winning internationally recognized news paper is nothing more than a liberal rag, yet hasn't read a newspaper since they left high school, they should realize they are ignorant of the facts, ill informed, and generally are doing nothing but propagating their own ignorant opinions.

And we all know the joke about opinions and their similarities to ass holes.


If they get fucked up the ass with a strap-on of facts and they *still* don't get it, they they should shut the fuck up.

If they cart out the old, tired "We're fighting for freedom!" metaphor before saying that the government needs to censor the media and that the first amendment goes to far, they should have their asses shipped off to Uzbekistan so they can get a taste of what an oppressive government that they so desire really feels like.

It still boggles my mind how any mass grouping of people could be so fucking willfully ignorant.


Wow. All that from the all inclusive, everyone has a voice party of the masses. "You are hostile. Judgmental. Arrogant. Unkind. Loud. Tiresome. Boring. And sadly, threatening...". Kathy, go look in a mirror. You other two disgrace your movement... grow up.


Get off it, Charlie. That rant came because for a quarter of a century the extreme right-wing has been acting like assholes. They've refused to discuss facts and much preferred name-calling, which is easier because you don't need brains or information to do it.

Well, now the assholery of the radicals has reached epic proportions and we've had it. We're giving as good as we get from now on. It seems to be the only language you understand.

You're a hypocrite, Charlie, like most conservatives. As usual, as far as you dingers are concerned, it's perfectly OK if Freepers and Pub Congressman indulge in diatribes any time they want, but calling them on it shows what a 'disgrace' we are. IOKIYAR.

Fess up, Chuck--what's really sticking in your craw is that we've stopped laying down like good little road-kill and started to punch back, and you don't much like that. You never have, but you better get used to it. When somebody like Kathy runs out of patience, it means the Days of Wine and Roses are over. You wanted a fight? Well, you got it. It took you 2 1/2 decades of sliming, smearing, libelous lies, and verbal cruelty to do it but you've done it: you woke us up.

You refuse to compromise, you refuse to listen to any voice but your own, you refuse to acknowledge reality, you want to muffle us, jail us, shut us up however you can or you support the people who do, and you expect us to fold up like accordions and quit.

Well, surprise surprise: once again you've been caught in your own fantasy: not all liberals are wimps, Charlie. We gave you the floor and you appropriated the whole house. Well now we're going to take it back, and it won't be pretty.

We've only begun to fight. You ain't seen nothin yet, Chuck baby. Stick around.


I'll be here...


Charlie....If you read, and clearly you do, you'll see that this is directed to the "wingnuts on the right who foam at the mouth when a liberal dares speak". Not to all conservatives, not to those well-intentioned folks who inexplicably support Bush without demonizing those who don't. It's to the loud-mouth, chest-beating, wingnuts who seem to speak for the rest of you.

I stand by my words. Certainly, I won't retract them for fear of being called a disgrace to my party or in fear that I won't be considered inclusive. I've been called much worse by those wingnuts I write to for daring to disagree with them. I'll take a line from the wingnut handbook and declare that intolerance int his case may just be the moral thing.

And yeah, my rant may be "Hostile. Judgmental. Arrogant. Unkind. Loud." You may find it tiresome and boring. It's not threatening - unlike the wingnuttery that says I should be deported, jailed for treason, stripped of my rights, even physically violated. It's also not representative of what I generally think and say and write, unlike the wingnuts to whom I am writing. I'll look in the mirror with no problem because sometimes, you've got to fight back and not doing so is a betrayal to yourself.


I read that Arianna Huffington was starting a Blog and figured that I could go there and get a good picture of Liberalism and what hardcore Liberals are like and really think. Almost all the posts were unkind and mean to say the least(all but the funny ones). I checked out some of the other blogs listed there and found tha same thing, some were much worse; "f" word everywhere, generalizations, terrible things said about everything that I believe. No agree to disagree or gray area to be found. Just slams and anger. As a flight attendant I get around and am not afraid to get into a discussion with anyone anywhere over anything. I have yet to meet a Liberal who addressed me with the scorn and hatred that I read in these blogs(so far). I guess this is a long winded apology for being mean to you. I am new to blogging and all this was a suprise to me.



Thanks for keeping with the discussion. As an FYI, those writing for Huffington's blog aren't all liberals. And you'll find vile invective from bloggers on both the right and the left.

If you're looking for liberal bloggers who aren't ranting, blogs that are a good place for a newbie to start surfing, I recommend Talking Points Memo and Washington Monthly as two well-written a-list blogs. You can't go wrong with Ezra Klein either. For blogs with more personality, you might try Arran's Alley and Fact-esque. Avoid Loaded Mouth - I love reading his site because it's like a vicarious rant but his blog is well named - he doesn't hold back and his mouth is loaded (but he's on point, all the time). Swerve Left does a great job on religion and politics, Majikethise is smart and analytical, and Feminist Blogs is a great aggregate of smart women. Brad DeLong is my favorite for economics. Discourse.net is by a law professor and has great work on the whole detainee treatment issue. The Bull Moose is centrist, not supportive of the current administration, and marvelously well written. Links to all of these sites can be found on the left nav bar on this blog.

I've got a bunch of recommendations for lesser known blogs in posts I call "Friday Random 10". You'll find all the posts under the category "The Blogosphere", again in the left hand nav bar.

Don't turn away because you bumped into the ranting left. All of us hit points, I think, when we let loose. But so very many of us are just like you - trying to understand the world, the people around us, the actions of our government, and figuring out what we think. (Okay, most of us are opinionated as all get out, but that's just us.)

Keep coming back here and comment. The best part of blogging is when readers engage, when they disagree and say why or extend your thoughts with their own. We may not be on the same side of the political aisle, but that's all the more reason to connect, don't you think?

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