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I've been thinking a lot about the meaning of "traitor" lately. In fact I've been rolling a blog post around in my head for about a week on it.

You've inspired me to finish it and get it posted.


Agreed - they are traitors of the first order. On my blog, I've been suggesting that idea from a domestic angle since they obviously hate our government. La Norquista has even said in public that his goal is to get the middle and lower classes to hate the government as much as the wealthy do. (I can't find a supporting link for that yet, but I'm looking all the time) That's treason. And that's why Ann Coulter and her ilk throw that term around -so that it loses all meaning.

Also - I don't know what you call behavior that sells out our economy to multi-national corporations but treason. They truly hate America. And where did you hear that phrase before?


Support our troops indeed.
I suppose if you consider the treatment our troops are receiving when they return home, maybe Bush & Co, think their doing them a favor by setting them up to be killed. That way they don't have to deal with all those pesky disabilities an stuff.
Bet you think I'm kidding.


I've got the rope.

Concerned and discusted

I agree, i cannot comprehend the sorry state of afairs that occurrs on a day to day basis in this day in age.

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