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I thought that, as far as "oversight" goes (though I don't think that's the proper term for it because) Congress has limited oversight on the executive and judicial branches because they can impeach and censure a president or justice. The House can pass an impeachment, and the the Senate would hold a trial for that who has been impeached, and a 2/3 majority would be needed in the Senate to censure them out of office.

I believe that's how it works... So, if the dog f*cker wants to have judges impeached, fine. Let him. The House can impeach all the judges they want, but they'll never be kicked out of office because Democrats in the Senate wouldn't go along with it.

Personally, I'm hoping that the House Republicans follow Santorums advice and start impeaching justices, because then maybe the citizens of this nation will finally wake up the fact of just how insane these Republicans are.


Don't let the idea that "they don't have that right" lull you into a false sense of security. That's never stopped them before.
The weepugs need to pay more attention to those within their OWN party who are crossing the line ("go off on their own tangent and disobey the statutes of the United States of America").
Is it only me who finds it amusing that most of the judges these guys have a problem with are judges appointed by their (again) OWN party?
If they (weepugs) weren't so drunk with political capital /power , this would be laughable.


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