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I'm still reeling from reading the original story. I can't believe they so blithely quote one of history's greatest monsters. I guess a quote from Jesus about killing judges was too hard to find.


I guess Hitler wasn't a big enough of a hero for them.

Sean Sirrine

I have a post here that explains why a respect DeLay even though he is utterly wrong on the issue of the judiciary.

As much as I hate his politics, you got to give him credit for not pretending to be something he isn't.


But he IS pretending to be something he's not. He's pretending to be ethical, jury rigging the ethics rules and committee to keep them from admonishing him a fourth time. He's refusing to address legitimate questions about his conduct in office and instead claiming that it's all a Democrat conspiracy. In the Globe article, he claims he's for an independent judiciary while in the same breath declaring that Congress must exercise oversight over it.

I question the premise for your respect....


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