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I love the group blog idea. First rule of group blogging eighteenth century politicians: no duels. I forgot Jane Austen - she'd be great. Alice Walker may blog anonymously! One never knows ...


Ack, I knew I would get tagged with this...


Wow, this bug's already travelled across the Atlantic! I'll do my best.


As might be expected, all your picks are wonderful but Jane Austen is brilliant. If ever there was a writer born to blog (other than Twain and maybe Thurber), it's Jane.

Now Rob's got me wondering if maybe Alice Walker is blogging anonymously. I understand that Tom Wolfe wouldn't want to lower himself to do this even tho it's right up his alley (so to speak), but Alice and other writers just might: Toni Morrison, Thomas Pynchon (I wish I'd thought of him before), Norman Mailer, and Carrie Fisher would all be naturals at this form--for different reasons, of course.

Interesting question, Dylan.


Done. Though I'm mad you got Jane Austen first!


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