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Half Sigma

I am in no way a fan of the Republican party becoming the party of the religious Christians, but I observe that it's happening.

The Christian movement (or at least a vocal and somewhat numerous segment of it) in the U.S. seems to believe that their religion supports those political policy objectives you mention in your post. And I am certainly in no position to say that they don't understand their own religion. If religion were about logic, it would be called science.


The problem here is you. And vice versa: the problem from another point of view is inherently that - their view is wrong too. Those that oppose are labeled left. Those that oppose the left are labeled right. The left stereotype the right as Religious freaks. The right stereotype the left as hippie stoners too stoned to get a job so they want the government to supplement. You hate them for the exact reasons why they hate you. Thus you my friend are the root of your grievance.

The others are in tandem with the news media too. They flag criticism as news. They niche micro-stereotypes on both sides to get "GOOD NEWS" to get ratings. All the contrarians flock to FOX NEWS. All the "hell no" liberals flock to CNN to sing to their choirs. Both news stations are aware of this and keep the fans blowing because it attracts RATINGS.

Be pragmatic about this. Not all Reps are Religious freaks. Not all Democrats are hippies.


You make too many assumptions here. I'm not stereotyping the entire right as religious freaks. I don't hate them. I don't watch CNN. I am pragmatic. I am also frustrated. This is not a knee-jerk reaction to a politician mentioning God.

This post is in response to the Majority Leader of the Senate, one of the most powerful Republicans and a leader of the party, allying himself comfortably with a group that chooses to demonize the opposition in the name of God. It comes on the tail of the House leader, Tom DeLay, allying himself with a group that is dedicated to undermining judges that don't agree with them, using quotes from Stalin and claims of Satanic influence in their condemnation.

At what point do you believe it is appropriate to speak up, to get angry? When does a reaction cease to be reactionary and hate filled and become a reasonable response to unreasonable actions? I think we've hit it.

If you spend time on this blog, you should see that I don't demonize the opposition, I don't engage in much snarky posting, I work hard to respect those with honest disagreements. Am I in opposition to the current administration? Absolutely. Do I sterotype them? Perhaps on occasion despite my efforts not to. Do I villify them for having faith? No, no, and no. I villify them for using it cynically. And I think it's deserved. I'd do the same to anyone on the left who used faith in the same way.

You may dismiss my reaction, born from frustration, insult, and anger, as a typical sterotyping liberal knee-jerk reaction. That's the easy thing to do. But it doesn't make the issues that gave rise to my reaction disappear.


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