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Thanks for the link. Yes, I guess you could say I am conservative. And yet, not totally obnoxious! Go figure.

I do like to think I have an open mind and have enjoyed reading your blog.


Kathy, thanks so much for linking to Dissent Channel and for your kind words. I wish more of our crew would chime in, because they're great writers, but, as you know, life intervenes. I'm also blogging here now, and I hope you'll drop on by. Thanks again, and I'll be back.



Belatedly, many thanks for the link and the shoutout. Very much appreciated. Nice to know someone sane and feminist is reading me! Cheers.


Hi. Thanks for the link and the kind words. Not sure how well I'll stay on course--I have no intention of being purely and always 'heavy issues'--but I'll try...

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