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I think Frist is getting pretty desperate.

He has to be looking at the polling numbers on this thing and peeing his pants.


It isn't just Frist. The Pubs' numbers are down everywhere.

* Bush's polls are the lowest of his presidency after the 60-day marathon Anti-SocSec Road Show (hence last night's desperation press conference);

* DeLay is emerging into the public consciousness as the crooked hack he's always been;

* the Schiavo travesty is seen as a) naked political opportunism (which it was) and b) not very important compared to an imploding health care system and an economy that's tanking faster than anybody can measure it;

* Justice Sunday was a historic flop;

* and the moderates are finally shaking their chains and threatening to fracture the standard Pub monolith.

All in all, things aren't looking too good. A lot of chickens coming home to roost at once.

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