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Thanks for the kind words,Citizen. They are much appreciated.

Cernig @ Newshog


Well, here's a good afternoon's reading for me.
Speaking of worthy blogs, YOU haven't visited me recently. Of course recently I haven't been hanging to high with the left. Just goes to show ocassionally I do fall over on my right side. Which shores up my claim to independent status.


Wanda - Don't be so sure that I haven't been by. While a lot of the time I visit sites from this site, so bloggers know I'm visiting, lately I've been clicking through using bookmarks without paying attention to what site ends up listed as the referrer site. I did take a two week hiatus from all things blog recently, but I'm back and surfing madly to keep up with all the great blogs - your included.

Keep posting, and tilt whatever way your principles lead you - we'll holler if we think you're off.



I visited Texas Native and you're right. It is good. I've been a fan of Reading A1 since his first day. He's so brilliant. I'm glad Shaula is back. Thanks for the links - I didn't do my list this week. And I'm way behind on my Bumiller blogging too!

Shaula Evans

Thanks for the kind words. :)

And I know, I made a baaaad choice of blog names: no one else can pronounce it either.

The name goes back to a rather esoteric, classical Japanese literature in-joke.

But, FYI, you pronounce it tsoo-reh-dzoo-re-goo-sa. You know, just the way it looks. ;)

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