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What an excellent idea! I keep seeing all these blogs saying they've been nominated for awards for this and that yet none of them ever seem to be any better than the blogs I read on a daily basis. Sure blogs like _____ have a large readership, but there are blogs just as good or better out there that get few if any readers.
I used to have blogs that I'd visit on a daily basis yet they never visit mine. At first I said, oh well, I do this for me. Which is true, but then I came to feel like these people clearly don't value my opinion because they never come to my blog so why am I posting my opininon in their comments?
I will certainly join in this cause!


Brilliant. I will join the meme ;)


Thank you. Some of these are great blogs I never heard of before and now I have bookmarked them and may blogroll them next time I gather courage to mess with the template....


I love your blog and your views - I have put up a link to your blog on my blog.

Your writing is insighful and provocative. Keep up the good work.

I totally agree with your comments about blogging as a woman and having to put up with insults and sexism even out here on the blogosphere - you'd think people would grow up by now.

As ever,


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