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Douglas Hill

Someone ought to let Bill Clinton know how wrong he was about the impending collapse of social security. After all, Billy Boy was quite adamant and vociferous about the crisis in social security. I guess reason has fallen on its sword for the "good" of party politics. If you're for, I'm against.


Gee, color me surprised that the response to criticism of Bush is to raise the specter of Bill Clinton.

The projections for ss solvency have improved since Clinton was in office. Additionally, he was working off the fact that we had a giant surplus, which has been used for other purposes. Finally, I'm not arguing that there isn't a financial challenge down the road. I'm arguing that making it worse by taking money out of the system now isn't a solution, it's ideological claptrap.

Citing Clinton's past references to social security doesn't in any way address the lack of credibility Bush faces - particularly given the fact that he yells 'crisis!' as a basis for proposing a program that doesn't address the crisis he proclaims.


One other note - don't presume that I stood in the privatization corner during the Clinton years. And don't dismiss my opposition as reactionary. If privatization had merit as a means of strengthening or preserving social security, if it addressed questions of solvency, if the RNC hadn't crowed that they finally had a chance to achieve their 30+ year goal of eliminating social security, if there were an actual plan on the table, I might be more open. But none of that is true. So I see no reason to change my mind or provide any support whatsoever to privatization fans. I don't believe this is an honest effort to address a real problem. I think it's an ideological goal. So I ain't buying.

Douglas Hill

Your graphic announces to all that there is no problem. It does not say that there is a problem, but that you disagree with the proposed solution. At least Bush has proposed a solution, which is more than Clinton ever did, or than you are willing to do. But then, how can you propose a solution to a problem that doesn't even exist, right?

Bush's effort is not to eliminate social security - if it were, all he'd have to do is to ignore the problem, like you, and social security would die of natural causes, without anyone's help.


The graphic announces that there is no crisis. The sky is not falling.

Bush has not proposed a solution to his declared crisis that social security is facing bankruptcy. He's admitted that private accounts don't address any projected insolvency. When it comes to the proclaimed financial crisis he just keeps saying that "everything is on the table but benefits cuts for those 55 and over". No plan.

I've made my own suggestions here, by the way.

Bush is ignoring the financial shortfall, making it worse actually with private accounts. If he were serious about preserving it, he'd have a plan. Occassionally, someone on the right slips up and admits that phase out is the goal, like Dick Armey did.

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