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Genuine multiculturalism is not just about race, ethnicity and gender. It's about embracing people whose culture differs from yours, in hopes of finding core principles that you share. Over the past four years, Republicans have done that. Now Democrats must too.

Excuse me, but Republicans have done what? The party that peddles bigotry and hatred against gays for their political advantage has suddenly embraced those very people? The party which does everything possible to make sure black people live in poverty and have trouble voting has suddnely embraced them?

Wow. Just wow. Why does Beinart even call himself a Democrat, anyways? After writing shit like this and co-signing letters sent on behalf of the PNAC, I really think he's in the wrong party.


Thank you for pointing this out, and for doing it better than I did the other day at What Do I Know?. I'm tired of military votes going to the party that screws them, over and over, because idiots like Beinart continue the perception that Dems are soft on military issues. It's simply not true. I put some links up on my site that show just how the Republicans have been screwing the military members, even making them pay for the food they eat in the hospital while recovering from wounds suffered fighting their war. All the while, the defense budget has grown to its highest levels--higher than Vietnam--so that the defense contractors could be rewarded.

It makes me ill.


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