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Douglas Hill

You can't solve a problem without first recognizing and defining it. Focus has been diverted for so long by the media and the left (sorry for the redundancy) against the "evil insurance companies," and their "exorbitant profits," that the public simply fails to recognize the source of spiraling medical costs - the medical vendors. Surgeons should be well compensated, but do their really need to charge $20,000 a day, as many do charge? Look at the bloated, wasteful bureaucracy of the PC-run, quasi-for-profit hospitals that bill $5 for a single aspirin, and can't make ends meet. If you want to solve the healthcare crisis, begin with the healthcare. But do it without blinders. Check your preconceived PC notions at the door.


You're assuming too much here. My post doesn't rail against the "evil insurance companies" and their "exorbitant profits". You're seeing blinders where they don't exist based on your own conservative notions.

My point is that there is a crisis. I think that's clearly true. My opinion is that the crisis is fed by both spiraling medical costs AND profit-driven insurance companies. There's no national dialog on this and I'm open to any non-ideological driven analysis of the causes and possible solutions. I'm not open to a debate that puts anything off limits, whether it's spiraling costs, abuse of government provided services, or corporate greed/insensitivity. The reality is that we've got a big problem and we need to look at clearly, to really work in a bipartisan way to solve it. There's no room here for ideology-driven solutions.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. There's no point in arguing about the ideology of one side or another when the problem isn't being discussed at all. This is the area where the country would benefit from a PR campaign to convince the public that we have a crisis and need bipartisan action to solve it. The crisis is health care, not social security.


Healthcare and Pensions. They're both going to squash us. And please, Kathy, check your preconceived PC assumptions at the door. (to your own blog)


Health care is already rationed. If you have money, you get health care. If you don't have money, you don't get health care. If you have a little bit of money, you get a little bit of health care.


Those "$5 aspirin" and such aren't even real. Insurance companies negotiate with vendors to pay substantially less than the quoted price on all those items, from mammograms to aspirin to surgeons' fees. But when Joe Uninsured goes to the hospital, guess which rate he pays?


Sorry, forgot this was Kathy's blog...I'm another Kathy, and the previous post was mine.

Douglas Hill


Insurance companies do negotiate with hospitals; the amount of the discount is usually driven by the volume of business the insurance company directs to the hospital. As in all forms of business, volume counts.

Just think how high your premiums would be if the insurance companies were not able to use business methods to reign in some of the exorbitant costs.


Hmmm...isn't that what I said? It sounded like you were blaming the hospitals for charging exorbitant prices, when the prices aren't actually so exorbitant. Except for the poor uninsured schmuck.

(And, of course, when Joe Uninsured can't pay, the hospital charges (the negotiated) $2 for aspirin to the insurance companies, who raise their premiums, which our employers can't pay, then we become uninsured. Vicious cycle, anyone?)


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