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"Girls with keyboards" was a takeoff on "guys with guns". Not meant to cause offense...


Ezra - I didn't catch the reference. And it's not so much being offended as it is like a mosquito bite - irritating, itchy.

I do think words are powerful and try to raise awareness where the opportunity presents. This was just such an opportunity and it wasn't meant to label you. It's like when I hear someone use rape as a metaphor. I mention to them that it's a problem, not to make them feel bad but to point out that if they were talking to a victim of rape, they'd be inflicting pain with no intention. Calling women girls is a much lesser issue, but it does contribute in a very small way to the marginalization of women. That's my opinion. I do know some feminists though that don't have an issue, that instead embrace the word girl to highlight the fact that you can be feminine and strong at the same time. But for me, I've had too many experiences in the business world where I've been subtly undermined by the word. So I raise the point, especially with those with ears to hear. My impression is that you are such a man.

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