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aleister crowleymas

So-called "affirmative" hiring is an assault on the right of the individual and business to freely choose who they want to hire, and when they want to fire them.

Coercive hiring protocols create poisonous environments and harden political positions.

If I want to hire svelte red heads with creamy skin, hazel eyes and perkies, I should be allowed to. Furthermore if I want them to dress in black leather and wear fishnet stockings - and they are agreeable - it's nobodys damn business but ours.

Increasingly liberals are becoming a kind of urbane gestapo-in-suits with social agenda blue-print they intend to impose come hell or high water. Ever see them go into Chinatown and task a restaurant with forty Hong Kong males to hire a few blondes and maybe a wheelchair person for the cash till. No ... never. They concentrate on enforcing their program on companies that are guilty of being white.

I'm sick of the crap that goes on in the name of equality. There is nothing equitable about it. When you force someone to do something against their will - it ceases to be either equitable or just


Oh swell, a teens-early 20s dandyish dabbler in the black arts - just the perfect libertarian spokescritter. If you expect to pass the ethanol carding, pick another screen-name.


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