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Jim Bohannon, III

Question of the Day: DeLay's Defense Fund

3rd Paragraph excerpt:
why are the corporations donating? I'm sure it's because they making an informed decision about whether the possible charges against DeLay have merit. For example, take this statement by Jim Bohannon III, a beer distributor in Bowling Green. He donated $5,000 and said that "this was all brought about by people who are trying to unseat him, who don't like him politically. I'm convinced of his innocence." His motive becomes suspect when you learn that he also said that he wasn't sure why DeLay was under investigation, but that whatever DeLay may be accused of he's sure DeLay didn't do it.

1) My contribution came from my personal funds (not corporate, as implied)

2) Incomplete answer. I was not completely sure of all of the allegations but knew he was being prosecuted in the media because of suspicions about two acquaintances of his. I believe we are innocent until proven guilty.

3) I had nothing to gain except the personal satisfaction of knowing I personally helped Mr. DeLay. My business would not benefit in any way by my personal participation in this event.

Tracked on November 24, 2004 10:23 AM

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