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Chin up, Kat. We support you in your (misguided) attempts to support the liberal agenda. It's fantastic that there are those of us who can bridge the divide and discuss the issues in rational tones. I'll be audaciously presumptive and state that the Rational Right appreciates the Rational Left, so that we can continue the dialog about the future of our nation.

Thanks for being there, girlie. Even if you are wrong.


Good post, Kathy!

Boyd, now who is being condescending? :)


Condescending? Please point it out to me, 'cause I don't see it. Seriously.

Or let me know if you're just pulling my leg. I recognize that I could end up being (unintentionally)condescending, so please tell me if you're being serious.

And if it's because of the (misguided) remark, that's merely a statement of my obvious opinion as a conservative in response to a liberal. And it's intended to be about 75% humorous.


Don't worry about it, Boyd. As someone who has been able to engage in reasonable discussions with you, I didn't read you as condescending. And I the (misguided) made me smile.

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