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I don't presume to speak for all of The Right, but here are some of the things that make me dislike her.

She can be shrill. I really don't like shrill women. Or men, for that matter.

One of the reasons I disliked her ten years ago was because she was so liberal. Since I doubt she's truly changed her values and principles over the past decade, her current more moderate stance strikes me as obvious political posturing. She strikes me as someone who will do anything to get ahead, principles be damned (or maybe she never had them, I don't know).

She didn't dump her cheatin' husband, after he embarrassed her before the entire freakin' world, because her own political ambitions were more important than her self-respect.

And I can't respect someone who doesn't respect herself.

And I don't think she respects anyone or anything.

She's a lawyer. Granted, there are a ton of lawyers in politics, and there might even be a few I might like. Plus, there are a few lawyers I actually like, and are even my friends. Okay, there's only one. Anyway, my default starting position on a lawyer is negative. And yes, I'm prejudiced. So sue me.


Yeah, I don't buy much of that. I don't trust the fact that outspoken women (save Nancy Reagan) get labeled shrill or something similar. Watch what happened to Teresa in the last election. I am really not sure how Hillary got labeled as such radical liberal. Her stance on healthcare might be one reason, but I remember so well how her healthcare plan polled great in America as long as her name was not associated.

The part the kills me actually is knocking Hillary for not leaving Bill. Say what you will about those two, they have persevered. To automatically assume that Hillary stayed with him because of her political ambitions is just that--an assumption. Hell, leaving Bill might have gotten her some conservative votes.

Hillary represents something that conservatives don't like--but I don't trust that it has any basis in reality.


She's a powerful woman. Strike 1.

She's speaking up ... loudly. Strike 2.

Her name is Clinton. Strike 3.



I appreciate you answering my question. I asked because it seems like the Pub obsession with Hillary and its demonization of her is disconnected from reality. It's so knee-jerk, so personalized, and so harsh that I don't get it. And it's mean.

You said Hillary was shrill. Can you define shrill for me? Because I suspect it's similar to women being labeled aggressive whenever they're assertive. If you don't like a woman, she's shrill. If you do, she's a fighter or committed or whatever. So help me out here.

You say you dislike her because she's liberal. Well so am I. Do you dislike me? I can understand disagreeing with her, but why does it morph into dislike?

I don't think her bi-partisan positions are an abandonment of her liberal beliefs. She's been harshly critical of Republican positions and vocal about liberal goals. But she's pragmatic about getting things done. And she's always been something of a hawk. I would think that would be a positive but the right ignores that. If a Republican works with Dems to get something done does that make them someone who will do anything to get ahead? My impression is that you start with an assumption that she's unprincipled and power hungry and then look to support that. If not, what liberal principles has she formally embraced and now abandoned in order to get ahead?

As for not dumping Bill, I thought that marriage and family was a big Republican value. I thought forgiveness was particularly Christian. I think saying that she has no self-respect because she didn't leave him is assuming. It means that every spouse who stays after their mate has cheated doesn't respect themselves. And on what possible basis do you assume that her decision to stay was motivated by political ambitions? Again, I think you're filling in the gaps with your own assumptions: "I don't think she respects anyone or anything."

As for the lawyer thing, I get it and at least you recognize your bias. It's a common one and maybe one of them will sue you. :-)

I think that commenter Marjorie is right. Hillary is reviled because she's a woman, but I'll add that she didn't "know her place". She's vocal and unapologetic. And she's a Clinton. But the obsession on the right still eludes me. Like I said, I don't get it.

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