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My thoughts exactly. Talking points paved their way throughout the election. I feel the Dems were all over the fricken board with issues and as frustrating as Karen Hughes can be, she and the majority of Bush's league of 'talking point' pimps understand that driving the same issues and statements at over and over until 'they/us/them' get it. Focusing on the issues that the majority cares about is first and foremost and how the left distributes their version of talking points is critical.


Like I said in the post you replied to, Kathy, one way would be to shed the deadweight.

I am an approachable Republican. I have very moderate social stances. I am a national security hawk. If the Democrats had of nominated Joe Lieberman, I would have had a very hard choice at the ballot.

But Kerry was forced to run to the far Left because it is the extreme that is the engine that runs the Democrat party. At least, in many of our eyes it certainly appears that way. When there are mock Time magazine covers with US troops with swastika armbands, when there are constant references to Bush being the equivalent of Hitler, when your rallies include protestors prominently holding up signs saying that America is a terrorist state, and NOBODY publicly repudiates them, you can understand why some of us swayables would be put off. At least, I hope you can.


A few thoughts. First, you're right that we should repudiate the extremists. They're positions offend reasonable folks on the left as much as those on the right. But those on the right should repudiate their own extremists too. Instead, I watch people like Ann Coulter rise to the best sellers list. I'm undoubtedly seeing this through my own biased perspective, but it seems to me that the extremists on the left are fringe elements, but on the right their leaders.

I found your comment that Kerry had to run to the far left particularly interesting since I don't think he did. Dean was much farther left. Nader was extreme. Kerry was a left moderate. I think many people think the center is farther right than it is because the Republicans have tilted so far to the right. Kerry was fully committed to fighting the war on terror, succeeding in Iraq, increasing the size of the military, balancing the budget with a pay as you go strategy, extending gov't health care programs only for children and letting people buy into programs businesses offer civil servants, eliminating tax breaks connected to outsourcing and balancing them with tax breaks for companies creating jobs here, supporting states' rights to permit our ban gay marriage, and opening the prescriptions market to allow Canadian imports (very free market of him).

While I don't expect Republicans to agree with Kerry's positions, I'd hardly call them far left or extreme.


Dean was much farther Left and had the interest and support of the grassroots people in the party, the ANSWER people and the DU people. When Kerry got the nod, those people had to be courted because they were the ones that were involved in the getting out the vote effort. They were the gas that kept the machine going. At no point did I ever hear a Kerry campaign official distance themselves from those groups. I'm not saying that Kerry agrees with them, I am simply saying that the perception of many alert conservatives is that his silence was consent.

The right should repudiate Ann Coulter. But, I hardly find her on par with ANSWER. Ann Coulter is a blowhard who says provocative things to get people stirred up. I rarely read her so I don't know what she says past the few comments I have seen excerpted elsewhere. She may have genuine antipathy for the Democrat Party. But, she isn't burning them in effigy. She isn't calling for the demolition of capitalism or the institution of socialism. She doesn't equate the leaders of the Dem party with the most notorious mass murderer of the last century. At least, I don't think she does. So, I don't think the comparison is particularly valid.

Both sides have their extremes. But only in the anti-war demonstrations, which were often pro-Kerry, did you see a mixture of hate that was unprecedented. Anarchists, socialists, communists, Islamists, and just plain hooligans are coalescing around the Democrat party. Much of their rhetoric was simply anti-Bush but there were enough Kerry/Edwards placards, sticker, buttons etc... to make many Americans feel that they represented Kerry supporters. Those groups do not want democracy or capitalism, the two pillars of our country. So, what conclusion are the rest of us supposed to draw? Especially when nobody on the Dem party ever says that they are not indicative of Dem voters.


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