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hi, the last link you provide doesn't go to a post, it shows the trackback's for a post - and I can't figure out how to see what the post is! Can you re-link it?
I burst into tears reading his blog, when he is so upset about the elections, and his parents are responding in his comments. I can't imagine how they deal with this.

Thanks for sharing his blog, it is very inspirational.


Gale - The link is fixed. Sorry about that.

I know what you mean when you write about how moving it can be to read his blog. He's 65% done his tour. Let's just hope that when it's up, he doesn't get extended.


Have you seen the HBO special "Last Letters Home"? I saw it last night, and it was so hard to watch. Young men and women wanting to do the right thing and caught in such horrible situations. And their families left to deal with the loss. I hope Mike, from At Ease, makes it home safely.

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