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Georgia Jones

Right on, sister-girl. Abu Ghraib has been distressingly underplayed lately, with all this mess about Bush's Vietnam record. Honestly, you'd think there wasn't a current war to talk about -- or current atrocities to debate and hopefully stop.

Speaking of which, did you hear Rumsfeld's comments the other day comparing the atrocities at Abu Ghraib to the 9/11 bombing? He totally downplayed our (America's) responsibility and said it was basically nothing compared to the bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Nothing, sure, as long as you're not an Iraqi. As long as you don't have a conscience. Sometimes I would give anything to be as heartless as that.

Anyway, keep on rocking in the free world, girl.

Georgia Jones

Oh duh, you totally did hear that Rumsfeld thing, you blogged about it. I was listening in my car and kept saying, "It does too. It does TOO." followed by some choice language.

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