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Tell your Representative and Senators to increase the minimum wage to $10 an hour and to extend unemployment insurance to a year and more.

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Tell your Representative and Senators to pass an 80% prescription drug benefit under Medicare Part B and repeal the faulty Republican prescription drug discount passed in 2003.

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Tell your senators to vote against the confirmation of Alito.

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Tell your Representative and Senators to end the war in Iraq.

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Tell your Representative and Senators to enact U.S. vote by mail with paper ballots counted by civil servants.

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Tell your Representative and Senators to get Tom Delay to resign.

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That is one of the most intelligent and succinct destruction's of Coburn's emotive, moralistic (though NOT moral), pompous diatribe that I have read! :)

Way to go! This is a tragic subject that I have blogged about in the past. I have never seen a single, proven fact about this from any right-to-lifer. But I have seen much proof to the contrary. I posted a comment at LM about this, and it saddened me. But it's the reality.


PS. Ignore our resident Troll... It's harmless really. :) Gives us comic relief! LOL

Cheers! :D




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I will never be a Republican. And one more thing. This kind of drivel from the Senator might be slightly credible if he hadn't just voted to cut the very programs that serve these populations

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I will never be a Republican. And one more thing. This kind of drivel from the Senator might be slightly credible if he hadn't just voted to cut the very programs that serve these populations


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