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Welcome back Kathy! :D

I have also replied to your blog at LM. :) But I thought it was an important enough topic to warrant a comment here also. :)

The exceptional and knowledgeable Larry C. Johnson from NO QUARTER has a very timely blog about this subject. :)

What Next? Pedophilia?

Here’s an excerpt:
Do you think that John Yoo, the guy who authored the Department of Justice memo justifying torture, believes that paedophilia is okay as long as the President believes it is necessary to save the nation? That my friends, as absurd as it sounds, is the thrust of the logic underpinning the arguments Woo and his buddies are making. Their assault on the traditional conservative view that the power of Federal Government should be limited is truly frightening. In the name of saving the nation they insist that international accords against torture and inhumane treatment no longer apply. They are also on board for holding American citizens in prison indefinitely without a chance to confront their accusers in court. If it is done in the name of "national security" it is okay.

It is too bad that the term "fascism" is such a hot button term, because it is a word that appears to accurately define Yoo's views on Presidential supremacy. I guess we are resigned to labelling him a neo-conservative imperialist, because he believes that the President's status as the Commander in Chief grants an inherent manifest destiny to wield unbridled power.

Joining Yoo's war wagon are David Rivkin and Lee Casey, who write in an op-ed in today's NY Times that the President can collect foreign intelligence, even in the United States, without worrying himself about pesky laws and bureaucratic hurdles.

Cheers. :)


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