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Welcome to Random Thoughts. I'm Kathy and I've condensed my reasons for blogging into this statement, a variation on Descartes: "I think, therefore I blog."

I started this blog thinking it would be filled with random musings on life. But I found that what I really wanted to write about was politics. My theory is that I'm compelled to write what I do because no-one will listen to me vent when I read the newspaper or watch the news. And vent I must.

I'm a left-leaning moderate that's fed up with the voices of the fringe right. I'm thrilled that we now have Air America to balance them out with voices of the fringe left. I don't listen much to either. I try to stay open minded, to give the benefit of the doubt to those I don't agree with, and to stay moderate. It's increasingly difficult.

I live in the Pacific Northwest - land of beauty - but I've also lived in Maine, Boston, New York City, Denver, Los Angeles, and Monterey. The best place was a tie between New York and Monterey. The worst? That's easy. Denver. I'm lucky to have lived in so many places. It's a key part of what's made me who I am.

What informs my approach to what I write? The women that surrounded me growing up, the places I've lived, a "once upon a time" deep commitment to religion that took flight long ago, years spent in school studying philosophy (reduced down to "find the hole in the argument thinking"), poverty, my personal biography which remains personal, the offense of the Hill/Thomas hearings conducted by a bunch of middle-aged white men, the rabid attacks by the republicans during the Clinton years, my Dad's military career and time in Vietnam, and my undying hope for real leadership and an optimism I can't kill that says we can find it if we do the right thing. Together.

Okay. That's enough about me. Go read my blog. And come back. Link to me. Tell all your friends. Please?