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Rob Berger

Hmmm? Can't understand why torture isn't higher on the moral agenda of Americans? The pretense of representative democracy is fading before our eyes. Terri Schiavo is on the front burner because it is easy to create drama out of this woman's last days of life. Congress passes and the President signs a bill of attainder (maybe not, no punishment involved). The Constitution is being shredded on a daily basis as the Congress and the President are bent on blurring the separation of powers to serve their agenda.

The folks who have power in Congress and the White House are not interested in self-examination, a pre-requisite if you are going to question your own actions. We have permitted fascists such as Mr. Delay to deflect criticism of their potentially criminal behavior by creating "crises of conscience" in the nation.

We have cable news which has very low standards of journalism--we have a public which is easily distracted from caring about the true purpose of government--which is to express our national identity in the world.

Are we a nation which cares about the suffering of its own and others? Are we a nation that keeps its commitments to the elderly, the sick and the poor? Are we a nation that has standards for its own conduct? Do we go to war for selfish reasons or only under the most extreme of threats? Do we care about the founding principles?

Our Constitution was well developed to prevent the entire government from being hijacked by anyone in one branch. But can it stand a full frontal assault by the President and the Congress? I am grateful that the Judiciary stood strong against legislative and executive excess. I have seen little backbone among Democrats, save a few like Barney Frank. I fear for our nation, for what we may become. I don't know where I can take a stand that will make a difference.


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