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"August 2003 through Spring 2004: The Abu Ghraib saga begins... and ends."

What makes anyone think it ended? Taguba didn't think it had ended, and Miller was named HEAD of the prison system shortly after. The mercs were not sent away, or charged with anything. Sounds to me like they just got a new bunch to do the same things without those pesky cameras. Contracts were renewed with CACI and TItan, the JOB of torturer's apprentice was and is still listed on their wewbsites, the insurgency continued, the number of prisoners held did not go down.... etc etc. Taguba's reccomendations were NOT followed, and the so called Fay investigation did not begin until AFTER Myers was already calling CBS begging them to spike the 60 mins story in April.

Thanks for the great timeline though. I'm hoping you get a chance to do womethign similar with the whole chain of command structure soon. That has yet to be done well anywhere, to my knowledge. No one can figure out where Joran fits in. He seems like he might be a cowboy for Rummy - "copper green," possibly.


You're right, of course. The Abu Ghraib saga hasn't ended, though I thought the Red Cross was on site now. Aren't they? I'll have to check on that.

I've got a detailed timeline underway that originally started with Miller's review of the prisons in Iraq and went through the latest events, like Fay being replaced by a higher ranking officer on the intelligence investigation. Every time I think it's comprehensive enough to post, another huge mess gets uncovered that needs to be included. Like this memo mess. I'm committed to getting it done, though. Hopefully, it will be posted soon.

I've got the basics of a chain of command, but it's been hard to construct. I'll keep working on it. As for Jordan, who knows? From what I've read, he seems to be a bit of a floater, a defense dept. expert in something assigned by who knows. I'm guessing that if he's not a Rummy guy, he's working for someone pretty high up the chain.


Jordan is most definitely a person of interest.... but he was no expert in interrogations, that much has been reported.

A two minute web search a few weeks ago turned up this tidbit, however... maybe he gets his orders from someone WAY, WAY up the chain:

(item from a church newsletter/ website)


"Assemblies of God chaplain candidate John P. Smith Jr. knew the Bible verse about being prepared in season and out (2 Timothy 4:2). So did Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan Sr., a Pentecostal chaplain mentoring him at Fort Jackson in South Carolina."

Almost fell off my chair when I saw that. No one cares to report much on this angle, because it is too bizarre to contemplate, but many of the principals seem to be fundamentalist christians. Boykin, Jordan (no one has reported that, the I know if) and now this Walker woman from the (WSJ) torture-excuse memos.... U.S. Air Force's General Counsel, Mary L. Walker.

I'm not saying there is any connection - one of the AG mercs is a Moonie - so it's pretty much a equal opportunity torture factory, but it does make one wonder how long the word "Holy War" is only going to be said by one side here.

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